CULTURAL Experiences

We plan a totally unique and personalized set of cultural activities to help you get the most out of your stay. Discover the wonders of Sevilla and Andalucía and share in our culture with endless activities. As your hosts, we’re by your side every step of the way so you can feel like a true sevillano.

Choose among a vast list of experiences that we can suggest and add your own ideas.

Let us know your interests and, with our consultation, we can all design the ideal program for you.

*You can also enjoy the experiences “Get to know our HERITAGE” in other languages.

What’s more, if you add any of our LANGUAGE experiences to your CULTURAL experience, we offer a special DISCOUNT to help you maximize your trip.

OFFER of the month!

Reales Alcázares
Plaza de España
Tapas tour

From 57€ per person

6 hours

*Price does NOT include cost of admission to monuments or food and drink during the tapas tour. The three activities can be combined in one day, or completed on different days.

Get to know our HERITAGE

We’ll show you the emblematic monuments of our region that interest you most, like the Cathedral and Reales Alcázares in Sevilla, the Mosque in Córdoba, or the Alhambra in Granada.

Additionally, we’re happy to show you the monuments that are off the beaten path, like the Monsatery of la Cartuja, the Necropolis of Carmona, the Lebrija Palace, and more.

Take a walk with us and get to know the most enchanting corners of Sevilla and of Andalucía.

The Santa Marta Plaza in Sevilla, the Pópulo neighbourhood of Cádiz, and the patios of Córdoba are just a few examples of the unique treasures of our region.

Enjoy the particular charm of our pueblos andaluces. Get lost in the magic of these towns with us as we explore the streets of Ronda, the pueblos blancos of Cádiz and the Alpujarra of Granada.

Español de salón. Tourist Spanish experiences in Sevilla and Andalucía. Cuisine

Taste our CUISINE

We’ll take you to our favourite restaurants and tapas bars so you can fall in love with our food. Try typical dishes with an ice-cold beer or one of the many fine wines from the region.

Enjoy an exclusive tasting of our most cherished local products like wine, olive oil, cheese, or ham.

We’ll take you to the places where our local culinary treasures are produced so you can learn every detail about their origins and how they’re made. A visit to a wine bodega, an olive oil mil, or a local sweets factory are among our favourites.


Experience and enjoy traditional holidays like the Feria de Abril, Holy Week, the celebration of the Patios of Córdoba, Cruces de Mayo, or Cádiz’s Carnival, among others.

Would you like to learn to dance flamenco? Have you already started and want to learn from an expert? We can arrange personalized flamenco classes, from beginner to advanced, so you can take part in this thousand-year traditional art form during your stay.

Go see a SHOW

Enjoy a live flamenco show in one of the many peñas flamencas in our city. We’ll take you to our favourite spots so you can enjoy a truly authentic experience away from the masses.

Would you like to see a play or a Spanish-language film? Don’t waste time searching! We stay current on local show times and help you choose based on your preferences. And if you like, we’ll even go with you to discuss the show or film later.

If you like football, in Sevilla you’ll find two historic clubs with a large and peculiar rivalry: Sevilla FC and Real Betis Balompié. Enjoy a match by cheering on your team live from the stands!

If you’re interested in learning about the Spanish tradition of bullfighting, Andalucía has some of the most important bullrings around, like the Maestranza Bullring in Sevilla, or the Royal Bullring of Puerto de Santa María, among others.


Do you like working with clay? In Sevilla, there has been a strong pottery and ceramics tradition for centuries, especially in the Triana neighbourhood. During these workshops you will have the opportunity to learn many different techniques and apply them to your own creations.

Keep up with your passions while you’re in Sevilla. Consult with us to find a wide range of available offerings, and we’ll sign you up for whatever interests you (rowing classes, swimming, yoga, dancing…). We can also organize a trip through the city by bicycle, or a shopping trip for you to practice your Spanish. Simply let us know your interests and we’ll take care of making them happen!


Andalucía has some of the most precious and important natural landmarks in Europe. Doñana National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), or three UNESCO Geoparks (Cabo de Gata-Níjar, Sierra Norte de Sevilla, and Sierras Subbéticas) are just some examples of the extraordinary range and diversity of the Network of Protected Natural Spaces of Andalucía (Red de Espacios Naturales Protegidos de Andalucía, RENPA); all unique spaces for lovers of quality nature tourism.

The valuable natural heritage of Andalucía, together with the great weather we have year-round, make our region a paradise for hiking and adventure sports.

Discover Andalucía on foot through an extensive network of official trails that criss-cross the natural beauty of our land. If you prefer a bit more of a thrill, you’ll find ideal locations for climbing, canyoning, rafting, and more.

With almost a thousand kilometres of coastline, and bathed by the waves of both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, our region is home to extensive beaches with warm sand and crystal-clear waters, small coves and large cliffs. Come with us as we explore some of the best beaches in Europe, far from the typical tourist stops.

Bolonia, Caños de Meca, Zahara de los Atunes, las Negras and Maro are some of our costal paradises.

What is our goal?

Our approach centers around immersive, communicative experiences, putting you in the middle of the action, first in your neighbourhood and later in the city, so you can experience life here as any other sevillano would. From there, open your eyes to the city of Sevilla (and the rest of Andalucía, while you’re at it)!

Be more than a tourist

Have you ever wanted to discover a city as much more than just a tourist? Do you want to know where we eat our tapas? Which restaurants we go to with our friends? Which local spots are our favourites? Which part of the city is most authentic? Which flamenco shows we go to? Which beaches? Do you want to discover the secrets of a city and a region that might normally take years to find and experience them as a local would? Let us take you on a unique experience with an exclusive approach.

About us

Our team has extensive experience in teaching and tourism. We will design activities that fit perfectly with your interests. We’ll be with you every step of the way as exceptional guides who will make you feel like a part of our city.

Broaden your experience!

And if you want to get the most out of your stay in Sevilla, our LANGUAGE Spanish experiences are the perfect complement.

We design a private Spanish course that includes personalized classes that take place in the living room of your accommodation and activities to interact with local sevillanos. Whether you know our language, or you have never studied so and want use it in a special context. We want you to enjoy learning in a natural, engaging, and comprehensive way.

What’s more, by combining a CULTURAL experience with an LANGUAGE experience, you can enjoy a special DISCOUNT.

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